Business Development Plan in 10 Easy Steps

If you are starting your own business it is important to come up with a business development plan. You might just sit in front of your computer for hours without having a clue as to how to write a business plan. Don’t sweat it, you are not the only one to have faced this challenge.Here are 10 easy steps to take towards putting together a professional development plan. Step 1: Determine Why You are Writing a Business Plan
Prepare a short paragraph that explains the reasons why you are creating a business plan and the reasons why the business plan will be awesome. Are you trying to raise funds? Starting a new business? Strategizing to annihilate the competition? Looking for strategic partners? Whatever your reason, please know that it is vital that you are committed to writing your business plan. Step 2: Get a Sample of a Business Plan
Go to your local bookstore or library, or simply browse the internet for resource materials. Find out how a professional development plan looks like, what it is and what it is not. Prepare an outline which will include the key sections and sub-sections that you will want to appear in your business plan. Step 3: Gather all The Information you will Need
Look through the files in your computer, filing cabinet, storage boxes and even your phone in order to get all the information you will need concerning the business you want to start. You should also consider press releases, marketing pieces, related articles, past financial statements, industry journals, vital notes and websites or ideas that have been gathered over time. Step 4: Put Down your Thoughts
This perhaps, might be the best part of writing a business development plan. Type out your ideas, thoughts, questions and list of things you need to do into every section of your professional development plan. Step 5: Create a Rough Draft
This is the part where all your thoughts and ideas begin to take shape. Simply move through the whole outline, section after section. Start a Business Development Plan To-Do List in order to keep close track of the topics that will need detailed research, back-up information or statistics. Print out a copy after you are done and go over it a couple of time and making revisions as you go. Step 6: Do your Research
Carryout research and get solid information to support the claims that you have made in your business plan. Step 7: Think Numbers
Start preparing your financial statements. If you state a specific marketing system in your business plan’s marketing section, you should include the corresponding expenses in the financials. Step 8: Create a final draft
Most times finishing can be the most difficult part of completing a professional development plan. Double check your draft for spelling and grammar errors. Step 9: Set a timeline
In order to ensure that you complete your business development plan, ensure that you set a timeline that you will not be able to ignore. Make an arrangement with a person whom you are not pretty close with, if possible, a professional acquaintance – this way, it would be more difficult and very uncomfortable for you to call and delay. Step 10: Polish your professional development plan to excellence
The remarks you get from the people who have read your plan will help you improve the sections of your plan that will require attention. Search for any other information that you may require, include the ideas suggested by your readers and clarify points or sections that were not properly conveyed.